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Confidence in the solidity of our equipment, rewarding our clients with a 5-Year Warranty

• Set up and customize your own screen by “dragging and dropping” camera images.

• Virtual PTZ with a single “click”

• Generation of alerts for user-defined events.

• Smart search for recordings

• Full SUNAPI integration for Wisenet cameras and recorders

• Displays up to 64 high definition video streams on screen

• Very simple configuration, in a few seconds

• Distributed server

Simple: software installation, server setup, burn setup, layout creation, or sharing your WAVE Sync system

Lightweight: 130MB in the Client / Server package, installing in a few minutes

Reliable: Multi-server system with Failover built into the software

WAVE Sync: Comparte tu sistema con un simple “click”, sin necesidad de grandes conocimientos de red

Comfortable: Wisenet WAVE is compatible with all major operating systems

SDKs/AIPs: Included. Help tools available so that you can work as a developer.

Wisenet Wave: Main Features

Custom designs

Create and customize the screen / display layouts you need, simply by dragging and dropping cameras, recorders, or servers onto the display grid.

360º “Fisheye” cameras

Manage 360º cameras like never before, regardless of whether they are installed on the ceiling, floor or wall.

Wisenet Wave makes it easy and intuitive to calibrate these lenses.

Multiple windows

View multiple screen layouts at the same time on your desktop.

Interesting feature in multi-monitor environments or when multiple systems need to be managed at the same time.

Advanced PTZ Control

The user only has to select the zone he wants to view to direct the camera to that zone. From there, control the zoom and camera shake / tilt with simple “clicks”.

Areas of interest with Zoom

Select the area of ​​interest you want to zoom into and Wisenet Wave will create a specific window with that selection.

Very useful for 360º cameras.

Plans / Maps

Use maps to find out where the cameras are. The cameras will show live images on the plane, in a size predefined by the user. You will be able to interact with the cameras as normal.

Smart search

Select the area you want to do a quick search for motion detection. The results will appear instantly on the Timeline.

Advanced Video Export

The authorized user can export recorded video by pointing to the desired time segment on the Timeline. The export is carried out in the same format in which the camera / s are being viewed.

Preview Search

Preview Search is a feature that allows users to highlight a section of the timeline to generate a set of evenly distributed video segments for faster searching.


Define the actions to be carried out by the System when a certain event, alarm or rule occurs.

Bidirectional Audio

Two-Way Audio allows you to receive and transmit audio through IP cameras that have this feature.

Protection system (Failover)

Function that allows moving cameras from one Server to another, automatically and in the order of priority defined, in the event of a primary Server crash.

Protection system (Backup)

Users can configure high / low resolution, scheduled or real-time backup from selected cameras to local storage locations, NAS, or even the cloud.

Server Status Control

Servers can be dragged and dropped onto the display grid to monitor their status in real time. The health monitor shows CPU, RAM, hard disk, and network usage in a line graph.

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